About Elyon Property Management


Elyon Property Management was initially founded to serve the interests of Elyon Properties, LLC investors. We understand that superior and high quality property management is essential in order to achieve real estate investment goals. We now provide services to property owners who invested through Elyon Properties as well as other 3rd party owners.

Andrew Elovic founded the company and immediately focused on developing operating procedures and best practices for every facet of property management to yield high results and consistent performance. His senior executive roles in major Fortune 500 companies and his strong analytical and operations background helped propel Elyon Property Management into a high quality company with exceptional results, continuous improvement and leadership management.


Our approach is that it is not only possible, but desirable, to drive high satisfaction from both tenants and property owners alike. Our two groups of customers (tenants and owners) may have different specific objectives, but we strike the perfect balance of meeting their needs to optimize performance.